Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc ~ Ithaca Chill Challenge 2024

Participant: Helen Kaplan

Helen Kaplan
Event: Ithaca Chill Challenge 2018
To donate, choose whether to:
Dip/Dodge Tallies
$120 $485
$605 towards goal of $200

New! Donate to the entire team: The Council

I am super excited to participate (for my second year) in this fun and important event. I see so much good coming from The Ithaca Community Recovery and without 12 step support groups, agencies like The Council wouldn't be able to do the work we do. People receiving services from The Council are able, through The Ithaca Community Recovery organization's many meetings, to find friendship and fellowship every day of the week! I am hoping that you will be encouraged to give a gift (every dollar counts) to making sure that Ithaca and the surrounding area has a strong and thriving support community for people who are overcoming addictive disorders and for the families that love them. Thanks in advance. I would love to surpass my $200 goal! 


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Anonymous donated $20 [Dodge] on 12-31-2017

Stay warm and good luck-Don and Jude Wells

Diane Russell/Cathy Cook donated $75 [Dodge] on 12-31-2017

You go girl! Thank you for the work you do!

Sara Catterall donated $20 [Dodge] on 12-30-2017

Christine Moore donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-28-2017

Good Luck Helen!

Riva and Barry Kaplan donated $5 [Dodge] on 12-27-2017

Angela Sullivan donated $20 [Dodge] on 12-26-2017

Go Team! Happy New Year

Valerie Reine donated $20 [Dip] on 12-26-2017

Go Helen!!!

Nicelee F Hollenback donated $15 [Dip] on 12-26-2017

You guys all got lucky last year! Maybe that luck will hold. Will try to stop in to support from the shore.

Anonymous donated $20 [Dodge] on 12-26-2017

Stay warm, Helen, and keep up the good work!

Jody Percey donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-26-2017

cuz friends don't let friends jump into a freezing lake in January!! :) Thanks for all you do Helen!!

Hilary Fraser donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-24-2017

Don’t get sick!

Kasia Maroney donated $20 [Dip] on 12-23-2017

Anonymous donated $10 [Dodge] on 12-23-2017

Kris Kaplan donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-23-2017

I support your cause! You are an inspiration for many. I love you, my incredible, intelligent, beautiful wife.

Reiley Schoen donated $20 [Dodge] on 12-22-2017

Have fun! What a great event!!

Sharon McPherson donated $10 [Dodge] on 12-22-2017

Dodge and jump in the hot tub instead!

Amber Gilewski donated $20 [Dip] on 12-22-2017

Go Helen!

Judy Carotenuto donated $5 [Dodge] on 12-22-2017

isabella khavash donated $10 [Dodge] on 12-22-2017

MARK CAROTENUTO donated $10 [Dodge] on 12-22-2017

How much you positively contribute to the community that you live in is awesome. Right on! :-D

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

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