Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc ~ Ithaca Chill Challenge 2021

Participant: Shawn Erwin

Shawn Erwin
Event: Ithaca Chill Challenge 2019
To donate, choose whether to:
Dip/Dodge Tallies
$445 $280
$725 towards goal of $700

New! Donate to the entire team: Ithaca Safety League

Not only is this a great cause and a great way to give back to those in need, this time when you tell me to go jump in the lake, after years of telling me to do it for no good reason, I actually will!


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Randy Lawrence donated $25 [Dip] on 01-12-2019

Tim Applebee donated $30 [Dodge] on 01-06-2019

because the finish line.

Andy Clark donated $40 [Dodge] on 12-31-2018

No way baby!!

Anonymous donated $50 [Dip] on 12-31-2018

Michelle and Chris Watrous donated $20 [Dip] on 12-31-2018

Dip it real good!

Teresa Miller donated $40 [Dodge] on 12-30-2018

Don't get pneumonia man!

Alexis Falise donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-30-2018

Gooooo Uncle Shawn!!!

Eliot Thomas donated $20 [Dip] on 12-30-2018

Bring some Espolon to warm you up!!

Lisa Peanut Butter donated $20 [Dip] on 12-30-2018

Shrink that thing baby!

Alta Logan donated $15 [Dodge] on 12-30-2018

Mike Lofgren donated $30 [Dodge] on 12-30-2018

Stay warm

Vitto Browning donated $50 [Dip] on 12-28-2018

Pete donated $100 [Dip] on 12-28-2018

Brrr baby brrr

Melissa Hughes Smith donated $20 [Dip] on 12-28-2018

What a great cause! Good job Shawn!

The Applebees donated $50 [Dodge] on 12-28-2018

Shawn is too sweet to tell him to go jump in the lake!!!

Betsy Miller donated $75 [Dip] on 12-28-2018

Dip dip dip dip dip

Samira donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-28-2018

Stay warm! Xo

Karinna donated $15 [Dip] on 12-28-2018

Judy donated $25 [Dip] on 12-27-2018

You're the best, Shawn. I'll be waiting for you on the shore.

Tim Applebee donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-20-2018

Who's Dodge again?

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

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