Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc ~ Ithaca Chill Challenge 2021

Participant: Kate the Great (kate merriman)

Kate the Great (kate merriman)
Event: Ithaca Chill Challenge 2020
To donate, choose whether to:
Dip/Dodge Tallies
$255 $150
$405 towards goal of $500

New! Donate to the entire team: St. Catherine Water Walkers

I love 518!  It's a place of community and hope for so many!  Every week I come out so grateful.  Our fundraising helps take care of this amazing place.  The Chill Challenge is an awesome way to come together to do this.  A joyous and sober New Year to everyone, and please contribute!


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Skip donated $10 [Dip] on 01-01-2020

Richard Flaville donated $25 [Dip] on 01-01-2020

Katherine Merriman donated $25 [Dip] on 01-01-2020

Marlaine B Darfler donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-31-2019

Eleanor Henderson donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-31-2019

Happy New Year!

Tina Podkaminer donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-31-2019

You go Kate!

Annie Campbell donated $50 [Dodge] on 12-31-2019

If I was rich, I'd donate a hell of a lot more!!!! I LOVE supporting this particular fundraising event for such a great cause! And I LOVE supporting Kate the Great, who I have known since we both were young things in junior high school together, and in Girl Scout Camp together on the west shore of Cayuga Lake - swimming in the lake was wonderful in summer - BUT I don't want Kate The Great to have to swim in Cayuga Lake in WINTER!!!!!! Yikes!

Jan Zeserson donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-31-2019

Denise and David Kooperman donated $50 [Dip] on 12-30-2019

Enjoy your dip, Kate!

Judy Riley donated $20 [Dip] on 12-29-2019

Male donated $50 [Dip] on 12-13-2019

Judy and Carol donated $25 [Dip] on 12-12-2019

Thank you for participating in this year's challenge! Judy & Carol Event Co-Chairs

Jura, Columbia, and Rasa donated $50 [Dip] on 12-11-2019

We know you'll have fun getting wet either way! Cheers!

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

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