Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc ~ Ithaca Chill Challenge 2024

Participant: Ann Marie

Ann Marie
Event: Ithaca Chill Challenge 2020
To donate, choose whether to:
Dip/Dodge Tallies
$195 $915
$1,110 towards goal of $200

New! Donate to the entire team: St. Catherine Water Walkers

I love to support a good cause and am happy to join my St. Catherine's friends in raising money for Ithaca Community Recovery. I am counting on you to save me from taking a January plunge! 


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Cor and Maria Drost donated $100 [Dodge] on 01-04-2020

Suzanne and Tom Grout donated $25 [Dodge] on 01-04-2020

It's too cold water to dip!

Helen Steh donated $25 [Dodge] on 01-01-2020

I don't want you to get sick before your trip to the DR.

Jane Bonassar donated $25 [Dodge] on 01-01-2020

Bill and Colleen Perkins donated $50 [Dip] on 12-31-2019

Only kidding about the dipping! Great cause. Thank you for team st. Catherine’s.

Katy Pearce donated $200 [Dodge] on 12-31-2019

Patricia Sipple donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-31-2019

Looks like you're staying dry!! Great cause, thanks!

Terry & Ann Gifford donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-31-2019

Cherylann donated $50 [Dip] on 12-31-2019

Oh come on, go for a swim! Great cause and fun donation.

Anonymous donated $20 [Dip] on 12-30-2019

You had way too many letting you dodge. I know my little bit won't change that but I wanted you to know I believe in a balanced approach to everything! LOL

Denise McEnerney donated $20 [Dodge] on 12-28-2019

Hope this keeps you out of the water!

Maria DiFrancesco donated $20 [Dodge] on 12-28-2019

Deb Roe donated $20 [Dodge] on 12-27-2019

Match Day Donation!

Deb Roe donated $20 [Dodge] on 12-27-2019

Dodge .... we need to keep you healthy. Have fun. Great Cause. Happy New Year

Jjosie Schug donated $50 [Dodge] on 12-26-2019

Dodging you so you don't catch cold

Salmon Family donated $100 [Dodge] on 12-23-2019

Hoping for warm weather that day.

Candace Cima donated $50 [Dodge] on 12-22-2019

Colleen LaVigne donated $25 [Dip] on 12-21-2019

Of course, I have to choose dip! :-)

Mary Kay LaLonde donated $25 [Dodge] on 12-20-2019

Can t have you getting sick before the DR trip!

Casey Gallagher-Licitra donated $10 [Dodge] on 12-20-2019

Stay warm!

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

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