Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc ~ Ithaca Chill Challenge 2022

Participant: Emily (Pineapple) Mallar

Emily (Pineapple) Mallar
Event: Ithaca Chill Challenge 2022
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There are countless individuals and families in our community that battle addiction and/or recovery EVERY day. They are our relatives, our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends, and our selves. 

I am excited to be supporting this amazing event in its 7th year in existance. Every donation helps, big or samll, let's raise some money and have some FUN!


Emily Mallar

Founder, Ithaca Safety League 



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Event Committee donated $25 [Dip] on 12-04-2021

Thanks for participating! We love you! Xoxo

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

Ithaca Community Recovery, Inc

518 West Seneca St Ithaca, NY 14850