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The Costume Winners are...drum roll please...

  • Most Creative: The Ithaca Safety League - GreenStar Natural Foods Market gift basket
  • Most Original: St. Catherine's Water Walkers - Gimme! Coffee gift card for $25
  • Most Romantic: The Odd Couple - Purity Ice Cream coupon for two free lunches
  • Most Socially Conscience: Brookton Market - Pasta Vitto Restaurant & Lounge gift card for $25
  • Packs the Biggest Punch: TMann - Brookton's Market gift card for $25

Thanks to our prize donors and congratulations to our winners! Look for pictures later today!


2019 Top Team Fundraisers

4th Annual Ithaca Chill Challenge - Dip or Dodge Event
2019 Top Team Fundraisers
1. when I dip, you dip, we dip raised $5,061 - $35 gift certificate to The Antlers Restaurant, $30 gift certificate to Cafe DeWitt, 4 movies passes to Cinemapolis
2. Ithaca Yacht Club raised $4,171 - $25 gift certificate to AGAVA, $25 gift certificate to Rulloff's, and $20 gift certificate to Viva Taqueria
3. St. Catherine's Water Walkers raised $3,951 - $25 gift certificate to AGAVA, $25 gift certificate to Rulloff's, and $20 gift certificate to Viva Taqueria
Thank you to our sponsors for some amazing prizes..and to our teams for bringing it!


2019 Top Individual Fundraisers

4th Annual Ithaca Chill Challenge - Dip or Dodge Event 
Top Individual Fundraisers:
1. John Webster raised $3,451 - $100 gift certificate to August Moon Spaand a $50 gift certificate to Le Cafe Cent-Dix
2. Kaki Johnston raised $2,866 - $100 gift certificate to Just A Taste and 2 movies pass to Cinemapolis
3. Thomas H Mann raised $2,215 - $100 gift certificate to The Heights Restaurant and H Bar and 2 movie passes to Cinemapolis
4. Neal Johnston raised $2,195 - $50 gift card to Mercato Bar & Kitchen and 2 movie passes to Cinemapolis
5. Lisa B Carrier-Titti raised $1,421 - $50 gift card to ZaZa's Cucina and a $10 gift certificate to Viva Taqueria
Thank you participants for your amazing fundraising! ,...and a big thank you our sponsors for such lovely prizes!


Top 2018 Chill Challenge Fundraisers

The Top Individual Fundraisers for the 3rd Annual Ithaca Chill Challenge are:

1st place - John Webster raised $4,224 - $100 Gift Certificate to August Moon Spa

2nd place - G.P. Zurenda raised $3,549 - $100 Gift Certificate to Rasa Spa

3rd place - Kaki Alexander raised $2,105 - $100 Gift Certificate to 15 STEPS

4th place - Thomas H Mann raised $1,680 - $35 Gift Certificate to The Antlers Restaurant and Two movie tickets to Cinemapolis

5th place - Thomas Evans raised $1,460 - $50 Gift Card from Wegmans

Thank you participants for your amazing fundraising! ,...and a big Thank you our sponsors for such lovely prizes!


Costumes Prizes

The Top Costume Prize Winners for the 3rd Annual Ithaca Chill Challenge are:

Thank you Sponsors for the fabulous prizes!!!


Yay! Pictures from the 2018 Challenge!


Go Team IYC

The Ithaca Yacht Club Team, with John Webster and Joseph J. Miller, rocked the 3rd Annual Ithaca Chill Challenge with over $4,700 in donations for Ithaca Community Recovery!


Amazing Prizes

This year the 3rd Annual Ithaca Chill Challenge will be awarding prizes for the top 5 individual fundraisers and for the top 5 teams, and also for best costumes. We'd like to thank all those who have donated prizes for us, including:

15 STEPS -- $100 Gift Certificate
August Moon Spa -- $100 Gift Certificate
Rasa Spa -- $100 Gift Certificate
Just A Taste -- $100 Gift Certificate
Cinemapolis -- 10 movie passes 
Model Citizen Tattoo -- two $50 gift certificates 
AGAVA -- two $25 Gift Certificates
Le Cafe Cent-Dix -- $50 Gift Certificate
Ithaca Bakery -- five $10 Gift Cards
Wegmans -- ($50 card)
The Antlers Restaurant -- $35 Gift Certificate
Gimme! Coffee -- $25 Gift Certificate
Buffalo Street Books -- $25 Gift Card + book bag
Cafe DeWitt -- $25 Gift Certificate 
GreenStar Natural Foods Market -- $25 gift certificate
The Shop -- five $5 gift cards
Cat's Pajamas -- Penguin Rubber Duckies for everyone in costume

Thanks to all the wonderful places that donated prizes--please thank these businesses throughout the year!


It'll be like bath water...

Compared to the air temperature, the water temperature of Cayuga lake is going to feel like bath water (not)! The good news is that there's plenty of time to make donations to "DODGE" your loved ones.

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Chilly New Year's Day

It's gonna be chilly for the Ithaca Chill Challenge Dippers on New Year's Day!  Donate and keep them safe and warm on the shore of Cayuga Lake!

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We Love Our Participants

...they're GEAT!


We're back for a 3rd time!

We can't believe that it's been almost a year since our last Chill Challenge!  We're making plans, lining up's gonna be another great year!


Check-out the video from last year!


A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words...Fun Words!


Our Top Individual Fundraisers

1st Place - G.P. Zurenda, $100 Gift Certificate to August Moon Spa
2nd Place - Frank Martinez, $100 Gift Certificate to 15 STEPS
3rd Place - Thomas H Mann, $75 Gift Certificate to AGAVA...
Most Number of Donations (60) - Story Mike (Yagaer), $50 Gift Certificate to The Heights Cafe & Grill

Thank you to our participants and our prize donors!


Our Top Team Fundraisers

1st Place - Hell No, $100 Gift Certificate to Just A Taste
2nd Place - The Stepsisters, $50 Gift Certificate to The Good Truck
3rd Place - Greek Peak Ski Patrol, $35 Gift Certificate to Gimme! Coffee

Good job Teams...and Thank you to our Prize Donors!!!


Best Costume Winners

Awarded by Judge-mental, Ron Campbell

1st Place - G.P. Zurenda, Five Movie Passes and Popcorn to Cinemapolis
2nd Place - Beth Ann, $35 Gift Certificate to The Antlers
3rd Place - Jeffrey Feirman, $25 Gift Card The Shop


Everyone dressed up received a rubber ducky from Cat's Pajamas

Showing 1-20 of 39 items.
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