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Ithaca Chill Challenge on Around the Tiers WBNG

Our very own Alana Byrd from the Ithaca Community Recovery Board of Directors appeared on Around the Tiers by WBNG TV on 12/28/2023!

What a great way to promote the Chill Challenge and highlight the many positive contributions to our community by supporting Ithaca Community Recovery. Way to go Alana!



We Are Sooo Close!


At the time of this post, we are only 44 hours away from the 9th Annual Ithaca Chill Challenge!!!

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your co-workers, tell your classmates, tell your grandma!!!

Maybe you need just one more person to DODGE you so you won't have to face the icy waters of Cayuga Lake on New Year's Day... Don't give up hope! There is still a chance to stay dry.  :)

Maybe you're someone who enjoys the cold water of  Cayuga Lake in January (no judgement!) and you need just one more person to DIP you! Don't give up yet! Act now and tell those people in your life who could tip your fate one way or the other!

All it takes is reaching out and asking for help! Easy right?

Let's make this a spectacular Chill Challenge and an even better New Year!

GOOD LUCK and may your fate(s) be swayed to your liking!

Yours Truly,

The Chill Challenge Committee

See you on New Year's Day!!!


Today is "JackPot" Match Day!

In celebration of the memory of Jack Engel Young, we are excited to announce the "JackPot" Match Day on Wednesday, December 27th.

Jack was much loved, left us too soon, and is greatly missed. His mantra to "help the other fellow" is a perfect match for the spirit of service in the recovery community and at 518. The "JackPot" match day is funded through the kindness of the Jack Engel Young Fund at the Community Foundation of Tompkins County.

All donations will be matched dollar for dollar. If you "dip" someone on the 27th, the JackPot Fund also "dips" them. If you "dodge" someone, the JackPot Fund "dodges" them, too.


Showing 1-3 of 3 items.
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